Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally, a film worth seeing

Ok, so maybe there are two films worth seeing, but I haven't seen the Bourne Supremacy yet, so I'll leave that one out.

In the meantime, I saw a lesser known film at the Agelika last night called "Two Days in Paris" I really came in with no expectations other than knowing that I love Adam Goldberg and the friend I went with was a Julie Delpy fan. Anyways, this movie is a definite must see. It was witty and creative and I laughed out loud through most of it. Delpy and Goldberg were superb and I am now curious about other Delpy films. I highly recommend you seeing this, you'll leave the theatre happy, I promise.

Has anyone seen "Superbad"? I have had more than one person now tell me it was hysterical. I wouldn't have paid any attention to it before (at least until its on DVD) but I keep getting people telling me I "have" to see it.

ps- It's 65 here today and I am looooooooooooooooving it!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So on Monday night I am flipping through the channels when I come upon Victoria Beckham's new reality show on NBC. Since this summer has sucked as far as TV goes, I figured I would give it a whirl...I mean it was either this or yet another SVU rerun.

As far as reality shows go, it doesn't disappoint. It is entertaining, humorous in the "wow, is this for real?" way, and definitely fills that mindless show void that I've had since The Hills.

Now here is what I don't get. there is an article today on about how critics are slamming the show and calling it "an orgy of self indulgence". Umm, are they aware that this is a reality show? Since when are shows of this caliber praised by critics? Do "The Bachelor" or other similar shows get slammed for this crap as well? Of course its self indulgence, its her own reality show...what rocket scientist came up with that criticism?

So its not oozing with brilliance, but I think people kind of expect that from a show like this. Is it entertaining, yes indeed.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amy Polumbo and the case of the backstabbing bitches

So this morning on the Today show the current Miss NJ, Amy Polumbo, released the photos that had been anonymously submitted to pageant officials calling for her to step down. The photos were taken off of her facebook account, which was just to be viewed by friends and family. Apparently the photos were submitted to pageant officials with captions, not sure what the captions were though, but Im sure they were negative.

Anyway, to avoid the blackmail, Amy released the photos this morning. Here is the link to that segment of the broadcast

First of all....
What a fucking waste of time. These pictures aren't bad, its like she said, shes a normal college girl. I mean if these pictures are bad, then I should definitely be worried about what I have floating around. So her boyfriend is biting her boob through her tshirt, who cares? Shes being a playful 20-something, and frankly I wouldnt want someone who didnt at some point take a funny pic like these to be in her position. That position relies upon relating to her generation, and we are a generation of fun and lively people. Ok, I guess Im not technically the same generation, but Im in my 20's, so whatever. Sure these arent the kind of photos you would want out in the open, and Im sure she's learned her lesson as far as posting pictures on ANY site, but give me a break.

I think the more disturbing side of this is that there are so many people out there so intent on ruining others. What lame lives these people must lead.

In the Harry Potter arena....
How pretty is Emma Watson going to be when she's older?! I'm jealous already. And something feels a little wrong about looking at Daniel Radcliffe in Details spread. Dare I say he's on his way to being hot? Perhaps he will be one of the lucky ones to cross over from child actor to actual attractive adult actor, joining the ranks of Leo Dicaprio and a few select others.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Are we about to get it on?

Having trouble finding a nice, attractive guy in NYC (or anywhere for that matter) is not breaking news, but you would think that in such a large city, with so many people, your chances would be slightly better. Well, maybe statistically, but in virtually every othere way I would have to say no. Actually, since I've moved to the city, I've dated the least that I ever have. However, I've also been the most successful I have ever been in my career. Is it a trade-off? Nah, I don't believe that. Sure it can hurt your chances not having enough time or money to mingle as much as you'd like, but you can still make it out once in a while.

I was talking to my roommate about this dilemma and she basically said that she has no shame anymore. If she sees a guy that she could be interested in, she finds a way to talk to them. That might be what is wrong with my approach...perhaps the fact that I don't have one. I mean I've tested the theory and the last two guys I made the first move with were also my last two boyfriends.

Anyhow, Im pretty much at the stage where, Im not looking for a husband, Im not looking for a boyfriend, Im just looking for a date to my sister's wedding in March. It's kinda funny how our standards as far as what we are ready for can lower dramatically due to the reality of actually getting it. I couldn't help but laugh when a friend said that at this point (shes in here late 30's) she is just looking for a guy that won't beat her. Haha. I shouldn't laugh, but its just a true sign of how hard it can be to meet someone here.

If you've seen an episode or two of The Starter Wife, you probably saw the scene where Debra Messing is saying all she really wants right now is a really great kiss. I know exactly what she means. Perhaps after that first kiss, we can move on to what I really want.....a crawl on the table, toss your hair, whitesnake video kiss. A little something like this...such a great scene. Every girl needs a kiss like this at least once in their lives. In my case, Im not sure that talking about driving in a Nascar event would do it, but you never know.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hazey Days

Nothing like waking up to see the weather report read 83 degrees at 7am, only to be 95 by mid day. Forget about partly cloudy or sunny, today is described as “haze”. Yep, its one of those days where before you make it to work you’ve already sweat out pints and that morning fresh feeling is a distant memory. And don’t even tell me that in other places it gets much worse, because being a FL native, I am well aware. However it’s a whole different ballgame when you have that heat in a city with nothing much to soak it up except for a few parks, thank goodness.

Never mind me so much, I’m in flowy tank tops/dresses with my hair up, but what about the suits? How do you guys do it?? I was waiting for the subway this morning, fanning myself like crazy with whatever scrap of paper I had in my purse and I couldn’t help but notice the guy next to me in slacks and a button down shirt, obviously on his way to work. He was so miserable. His nicely pressed shirt was literally soaked with sweat stains on the back and his forehead was dripping. If I had to wear pants and long sleeves in this weather I would have a heat stroke.

So my new obsession is that show Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel. If you haven’t seen that show yet, I suggest watching at least one episode. The “Man” on the show is Bear Grylls. “After serving in the British Army Special forces unit, Bear became the youngest British man to return back alive after climbing Mount Ama Dablan and Mount Everest”. Impressive in and of itself, but even more impressive after watching the show. He basically demonstrates survivor skills in any situation or location. He is so knowledgeable and resourceful you can’t help but become addicted. Yesterday I watched as he was dropped off in Iceland and then in the French Alps. It’s pretty amazing, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute as a button. In the French Alps episode he at one point is completely naked…. which almost led me to severe burns in the kitchen as I was watching and cooking at the same time. Anyways, give it a whirl. It’s a nice departure from the “man with the 400lb pound tumor” shows that are normally on that channel.

Although a warning…don’t ever watch “A Haunting in Connecticut” on Discovery. It took me like 4 years to get over. More on that later.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Money changes everything

So I just got back from dinner out and something came up, yet again, that continues to irk me to the point where I have bottled rage. Ok, well not rage, but I get pissy.

I'll set the scene...
You're out amongst a group of friends (maybe 6 or more) at a restaurant eating dinner. Some people order drinks, some people order appetizers, some people order $20 entrees...and some order all three. Myself on the other hand, as I feel I have been sampling far too many restaurants lately, I settled for a salad and a $12 entree that I really like. The food is enjoyed, good conversation...then the bill. It comes to like $200 at which point a few say, "ok, so divided by.....ok, everyone puts in $40 each". Umm, negative. If I only spent $19 on my dinner I sure as hell am not putting in $40.

So now I am battled with how I deal with this...since everyone else throws in their $40 and calls it a day. Not to mention, two of the people (the ones handling the cash) I have only met once before. So I decide that this time what I am going to do is just put in what I owe and let them deal with it. No one calls me on it or anything, but I couldn't help but feel guilty....and for what?? Because I paid what I owed? This kind of annoyed me. I think that unless its a group meal of similar orders that everyone should put in what they owe....when did this whole split everything no matter what start?

This all reminds me of that Friends episode where this is pretty much the entire plot line....which led me to a google search. I found not only many references to this Friends episode, but tons of comments on the split check phenomenon, including links to articles like this that suggest it can contribute to a failed friendship. I would have to agree...I'm definitely liking you less if I feel like I am always getting cheated when I go out with you. How people don't realize that doing this may not be fair to the entire party is beyond me, but I'm guessing they are rolling in a lot more dinero then I am....or that by splitting it they are getting a pretty damn good deal.

Basically, the moral of this story is...
Don't be a dumbass. Think before you suggest equal division of the check. It is worth taking the time to add the numbers because at the end of the day you'll still have all of your friends.

I'm not back

A friend of mine recently started up her own blog ( and as I was reading hers I realized how much I've missed mine. We've had some good times you old blog, back since the beginning, early 2004. Sure we've had a stalker or two, disgruntled comments responding to my very opinionated posts, but whats a blog without that? Man I use to post on here every day...and I had some loyal readers too, I think most of my hits are from that first year. I'm not sure why I stopped when I moved here, because I am definitely not short of interesting stories. One story that comes to mind involves Scores, mustard, and shit load of nickles. More on that later.

Anyways, I'm not going to say I'm back....but I'm sorta back. At least until I go MIA again.

Now moving on to important things... like the poor girl that was given Paris Hilton's old cell phone number. Have you read this article? Ha, what a pain in the ass.

In addition, I have two book opinions for you....

If you read the book "Evening" (yes, the movie that is out)- it is NOTHING like the movie. Not better than the movie, just nothing like it. Come to think of it, I actually really didn't like either of was kind of Fried Green Tomatoes meets Steel Magnolias....but dull and depressing.

Now, if you haven't read "Miracle in the Andes", I HIGHLY recommend it. What an amazing story. A definite must read.

Now I'm off to enjoy a hot as hell weekend in the city, which hopefully, at some point, involves a mojito.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Creepy is the new sexy

When I first saw this pic on, the obvious thought ran through my is this really a couple? Ok, so a bit judgemental on people I don't know, but come on...she is a model and he is, well, I'm not sure what he is. He looks like something out of a Tim Burton Johnny Depp in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory meets Jack Skellington.

The funny thing is that this picture was taken at the Shockwaves NME Awards 2007 in London last week and Pete was up for a few awards, two of which were Sexiest Man & Best Dressed.


Maybe someday I will have a goblin-esque boyfriend of my own. Dare to dream.